16th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference
December 11-15, 2000
New Orleans, Louisiana

Technical Program

Friday, December 15, 2000

8:30 E-Commerce
Chair: Brian Hubbard, Booz Allen Hamilton, USA

  • Using Attribute Certificates with Mobile Policies in Electronic Commerce Applications §, Vinti Doshi, Amgad Fayad, Sushil Jajodia, & Roswitha McLean, The MITRE Corp., USA
  • Experience with Software Watermarking §, Jens Palsberg, Sowmya Krishnaswamy, Minseok Kwon, Di Ma, Qiuyun Shao, & Yi Zhang, Purdue Univ., USA
  • Efficient Commerce Protocols Based on One-Time Pads §, Michael A. Schneider, Edward W. Felten, Princeton Univ., USA
  • Security Management
    Chair: Meg Weinberg, Mitretek Systems, USA

  • Policy-based Authentication and Authorization: Secure Access to the Network Infrastructure §, Jeff Hayes, Alcatel IND, USA
  • Calculating Costs for Quality of Security Service §, Evdoxia Spyropoulou & Timothy Levin, Anteon Corp., & Cynthia Irvine, Naval Postgraduate School, USA
  • Usability meets Security - The Identity-Manager as your Personal Security Assistant for the Internet §, Uwe Jendricke & Daniela Gerd tom Markotten, Univ. of Freiberg, Germany
  • Forum: Active Network Defense
    Chair: Art Friedman, NSA, USA

  • Larry Merritt, National Security Agency, USA
  • Mark Rasch, Global Integrity Corporation, USA
  • J. Rhodes, Lawrence Livermore Labs, USA
  • J. Thomas, Averstar, USA
  • 10:00 BREAK
    10:30 Access Control - 2
    Chair: Dan Thompsen, Secure Computing Corp., USA

  • Flexible Access Control for Java Mobile Code §, Antonio Corradi & Rebecca Montanari, Univ. di Bologna, Emil Lupu & Morris Sloman, Imperial College, UK, & Cesare Stefanelli, Univ. di Ferrara, Italy
  • Personal Security Environment on Palm PDA §, Margus Freudenthal, Sven Heiberg, Jan Willemson, Cybernetica, Estonia
  • History Based Distributed Filtering - A Tagging Approach to Network-Level Access Control §, Reiner Sailer, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, & Matthias Kabatnik, Univ. of Stuttgart, Germany
  • Cryptography
    Chair: Mindy Rudell, Concept Five Technologies, USA

  • The Chinese Remainder Theorem and its Application in a High-Speed RSA Crypto-Chip §, Johann Großschädl, IAIK, Graz Univ. of Technology, Austria
  • Fair Online Gambling §, Weiliang Zhao, Vijay Varadharajan, & Yi Mu, Univ. of Western Sydney, Nepean, Australia
  • An High-Speed ECC-based Wireless Authentication Protocol on an ARM Microprocessor §, M. Aydos, T. Yanik, C. K. Koc, Oregon State Univ., USA
  • 12:00 ADJOURN
    The New Orleans Cemetery and Voodoo Tour
    Fabulous Finale (incl. lunch) - $35/person
    Commuter Special (no lunch) - $15/person

    See below for event details

    § This symbol indicates papers that were anonymously peer reviewed by four or more reviewers before acceptance.

    [ Wednesday ] [ Thursday ]

    The New Orleans Cemetery and Voodoo Tour

    Option 1 - The Fabulous Finale with lunch at The Court of Two Sisters

    We will stroll from the hotel to have lunch at The Court of Two Sisters. Once there we will enjoy a magnificent buffet with more than 80 dishes to chose from. The buffet features many items and will suit most any dietary need. It is a sumptuous display of hot and cold dishes and includes delicious desserts baked daily on the premises: pecan pie, chocolate mousse, crepes suzette, their famous bread pudding with whiskey sauce, any many more.

    This restaurant is known for being the French Quarter's largest courtyard with beautiful flowering plants, quietly flowing fountains and strolling jazz musicians. We will be entertained throughout our meal by a trio of Jazz musicians.

    After entertaining our palates with the scrumptious food and tapping our feet to the music of the day, we will be joined by our afternoon tour guide for the Cemetery & Voodoo Tour. On this tour we will explore New Orleans' most spectacular sites and intriguing traditions with the city's most qualified guides. We will stroll through the past and present of this fascinating city viewed through St. Louis Cemetery #1 (established 1789). This burial ground reveals New Orleans history more vividly than any other historic site. Aboveground burial and profoundly moving decay combine with awesome architectural features for an unforgettable experience.

    From there we will venture into the mysteries of Voodoo, exploring the realities and myths of this curious phenomenon. Learn about its ancient West African religious basis and the crossovers it made with Roman Catholicism in slave-holding colonies, and catch a glimpse of what current practitioners are doing.

    This is only a sampling of what we will see and hear during this tour so why not join us for an accurate, enjoyable presentation guaranteed to shed light upon the Crescent City's inimitable mystique. Tour leaves rain or shine (bring umbrellas for either occasion) and lasts approximately 2 hours.

    Option 2 - The Commuter Special (Tour Only)

    For those of you who need to catch a plane home but want to catch a glimpse of the town, we offer a shorter event than the above option. The Cemetery and Voodoo tour will be the same as the one described above. The tour guide will meet us at an appointed location immediately following the Friday sessions. (Further details on time and location will be announced at the conference.)

    Both tours leaves rain or shine (bring umbrellas for either occasion) and lasts approximately 2 hours. Remember that this is a walking tour -- please plan to wear comfortable shoes and clothes.