15th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference
December 6-10, 1999
Phoenix, Arizona

Organizing Committee

Conference Chair
Dee Akers
The MITRE Corp.
Program Chair
Klaus Keus
Program Co-Chair
Jeremy Epstein
NAI Labs
Panel/Forum Chair
Jody Heaney
The MITRE Corp.
Tutorial Chair
Daniel Faigin
The Aerospace Corp.
Student Award Chair
Dr. Matt Bishop
UC, Davis
Case Studies Chair
Steve Rome
Media/Publications Chair
Frank Sledge
TRW, Inc.
Dr. Ron Gove
Special Events
Noelle Hardy
Arca Systems
Publicity Chair
Vince Reed
The MITRE Corp.
Publicity Co-Chair
Jay Kahn
The MITRE Corp.
Guest Speakers Liaison
Steve LaFountain
Registration Chair
Jim Litchko
Web Advisor
Robert H'obbes' Zakon
Internet Startup
Special Interest Liaison
Art Friedman
Recording Secretary
Dan Gambel
Mitretek Systems
ACSA Chair
Dr. Marshall Abrams
The MITRE Corp.
ACSA Treasurer
Ann Marmor-Squires
TRW, Inc.