15th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference
December 6-10, 1999
Phoenix, Arizona

Toward a Taxonomy and Costing Method for Security Services

Cynthia Irvine, irvine@cs.nps.navy.mil
Naval Postgraduate School
Monterey, CA

Tim Levin
Anteon Corporation
Monterey, CA

A wide range of security services may be available to applications in a heterogeneous computer network environment. Resource Management Systems (RMSs) responsible for assigning computing and network resources to tasks need to know the resource-utilization costs associated with the various network security services. In order to understand the range of security services an RMS needs to manage, a preliminary security service taxonomy is defined. The taxonomy is used as a framework for defining the costs associated with network security services.

Keywords: security cost, quality of security service, resource management system, network security service, security taxonomy