15th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference
December 6-10, 1999
Phoenix, Arizona

Design of LAN-Lock, a System for Securing Wireless Networks

Richard E. Newman, Capt. Mark V. Hoyt, Tim Swanson
Computer & Information Science & Engineering
PO Box 6120
University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida 32611-6120

Phillipe Broccard, Mark Sanders, Joe Winner
Raytheon Systems Division
St. Petersburg, FL

Wireless LANs are becoming increasingly available, affordable and attractive due to their increasing speeds and decreasing costs, in addition to their ability to offer easy configuration and reconfiguration of nodes in a LAN. However, most commercial wireless LAN products have limited security over the link, and none that we are aware of use NSA-approved cryptographic methods. This paper describes a system developed jointly by a team at the University of Florida in its Integrated Process and Product Design (IPPD) course and a liaison engineer at Raytheon Systems Division that uses Fortezza cryptographic cards to provide authenticated, encrypted connections between hosts running MS Windows.