14th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference
December 7-11, 1998
Phoenix, Arizona

ISSUES 1998:

Chair: Dr. Harvey H. Rubinovitz

Tuesday, December 8, 1998, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Cost: Free

In recent years the number of remote users using portable computers has increased causing attention to be placed on several security issues. One issue is secure remote access from the Road Warrior to their corporate computer, which may be located behind a firewall. One possible solution to provide secure connectivity is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN allows for secure communication across the open Internet. Another security issue confronting the Road Warrior is the ability to protect the information on their laptop from compromise in the event that the laptop is stolen.

The security community has taken a greater interest in VPN technology during the past few years as the technology has become easier to implement and more capable in the functionality that it provides. VPN technology is viewed by the security community as a vehicle for providing a secure communication link extending beyond the confines of a physically protected network.

This workshop will focus on the relationship between VPNs and security, how the technology is being utilized in security solutions today, and how the technology itself is secured. The workshop will also address the issues associated with protecting the Road Warrior's laptop. Presentations will draw upon aspects of implementation, deployment, and management experiences from systems which are utilizing VPN technology or provide technology to protect laptops.

Previous participants have agreed that past workshops have provided a useful and exciting forum for members of the standards and software development worlds to exchange ideas, opinions, and concerns. Due to community interest in securing the Road Warrior, this year's workshop should generate much discussion.

The ACM's Special Interest Group on Security, Audit, and Control (SIGSAC) is sponsoring this workshop. Although there is no charge for workshop registration, preregistration is requested. Position papers are encouraged and will be published. To register, contact Harvey Rubinovitz, Workshop Chair, The MITRE Corporation, M/S B305, 202 Burlington Rd, Bedford, MA 01730, (781) 271-3076, hhr@mitre.org.

Note: Lunch is provided with all tutorials, but NOT with the Issues 1998 Workshop.