14th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference
December 7-11, 1998
Phoenix, Arizona

Technical Program

Thursday, December 10, 1998

8:30 PLENARY PANEL SESSION - Legal Liability
Chair: F. Smith, Panagakos & Wirth
10:00 BREAK
10:30 Electronic Commerce
Chair: K. Keus, GISA/BSI
  • A Scheme for Analyzing Electronic Payment Systems, L. Ferreirra, R. Dahab, BRAZIL
  • Multifunctional Smart Cards for Electronic Commerce-Application of the Role and Task Based Security Model, K. Schier, GERMANY
  • Modeling Secure and Fair Electronic Commerce, A. Röhm, G. Pernul, G. Herrmann, GERMANY
  • Architectures
    Chair: J. Heaney, MITRE

  • Security for a Virtual Heterogelneous Machine, R. Wright, D. Shifflett, C. Irvine, USA
  • Authorization in Enterprise-wide Distributed System: A Practical Design and Application, V. Varadharajan, C. Crall, J. Pato, AUSTRALIA
  • Private Desktops and Shared Store, B. Pomeroy, S. Wiseman, UK
  • Secure Enterprise Solutions
    Chair: D. Busson, Booz Allen & Hamilton, Inc.

  • Future of Enterprise Security: Confidential Patient Health Care Records on the Web, L. Liberti, Security Dynamics Inc.
  • AutoSecuring Your IT Environment, T. McHale, Platinum Technologies
  • Security in the International Enterprise, B. Franklin, IBM
  • 12:00 LUNCH
    1:30 PANEL: Opening the Doors, Selectively, to the Big Ten Virtual Library
    Chair: D. Brink, Gradient Technologies

  • TBD, Penn State Univ.
  • TBD, Univ. of Minn.
  • TBD, Univ. of Wisconsin
  • High Speed Networks
    Chair: A. Friedman, NSA
  • A hardware independent encryption model for ATM devices, H. Leitold, U. Payer, R. Posch, AUSTRIA
  • Security Services for ATM Networks, V. Varadharajan, R. Shankaran, M. Hitchens, AUSTRALIA
  • Security Services in an open Service Environment-Considering Network Integrity, R. Sailer, GERMANY
  • Architectural Approaches
    Chair: C. McBride, DIAP

  • Process & Technologies in CINC DIO Review and Implementations, J. Wellington, AXENT Technologies, M. Devost, SAIC
  • Defense Information Assurance Program, D. Luddy, NSA
  • Federal Computer Incident Response Capability (FedCIRC), D. Adler, GSA
  • 3:00 BREAK
    3:30 Cryptography
    Chair: E. Siarkiewicz, Rome Labs

  • ID-Based Cryptographic Schemes using a non-interactive Public-Key Distribution System, Y. Tseng, J. Jan, TAIWAN
  • Improved Algorithms and Hardware Implementations for Public-Key Distribution Using Programmable Cellular Automata, C. Zhang, M. Deng, R. Mason, CANADA
  • Complexity Measure of Keys used for Securing Computer Networks, M. Bahie-Eldin, A. Omar, EGYPT
  • Intrusion Detection
    Chair: C. Schuba, Sun Microsystems

  • Detecting Anomalous and Unknown Intrusions Against Programs, A. Gosh, J. Wanke, F. Charron, USA
  • Intrusion Detection Applying Machine learning to Solaris Audit Data, D. Endler, USA
  • A Selection Criteria for Intrusion Detection Systems, E. Amoroso, R. Kwapniewski, USA
  • Application Security
    Chair: R. Dobry, Van Dyke

  • FORTEZZA Secured Remote Access, B. Semple, Kasten Chase
  • S/MIME Freeware Library, R. Nicholas, Van Dyke
  • Reducing the Risk-Security Services for the Real World, B. Nobles, Litronic
    Thursday Conference Dinner
    December 10, 1998     6:00 - 9:00 pm
    The dinner is included in the conference registration fee.
    There will be an outdoor barbecue and country line dancing, with instruction.
    Guest tickets can be ordered on the pre-registration form for $40.00

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