14th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference
December 7-11, 1998
Phoenix, Arizona


Towards an Infrastructure for MLS Distributed Computing

Myong H. Kang, Judith N. Froscher, and Brian J. Eppinger

Naval Research Laboratory
Information Technology Division
Washington, DC, 20375

Distributed computing owes its success to the development of infrastructure, middleware, and standards (e.g., CORBA) to support interoperability. The computing community has slowly recognized the need to protect information and has begun to develop commercial security infrastructures and standards. The US Government must protect national security information against unauthorized information flow. To support MLS distributed computing, a MLS infrastructure must be built that enables information sharing among users at different classification levels. This infrastructure should provide MLS services for protection of classified information and use both the emerging distributed computing and commercial security infrastructures, when possible. The resulting infrastructure will enable users to integrate commercial information technology products into their systems.