14th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference
December 7-11, 1998
Phoenix, Arizona


Two Improved Algorithms and Hardware Implementations for Key Distribution Using Extended Programmable Cellular Automata

In this paper, we present two efficient algorithms and a simple hardware structure for the implementation of Diffie-Hellman key distribution in GF(2^n). Two algorithms investigated are improved table look-up algorithm and binary algorithm. The hardware structure is an extended programmable cellular automata (PCA), which is much more flexible and can be used for key distribution and conventional cryptography. Based on our improved methods and PCA structure, we implement two hardware systems for Diffie-Hellman key distribution. With very high speed and simple logic circuit features, these hardware systems are ideally suited for VLSI implementation.

C. N. Zhang and M. Deng
Department of Computer Science
University of Regina, TRLabs
Regina, SK. Canada S4S 0A2


R. Mason
Department of Electronics
Carleton University
Ottawa, ON. Canada K1S 5B6